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I don't have a USB. Can you send me one?


I don't have admin perms on my personal computer. What do I do?

You can always try to find a permission bypass, or just ask a friend to write the USB for you (assuming you have any).

My board name isn't on the list. What do I do?

Cry and whine in a corner somewhere.

Is my school going to arrest me for doing this???

...no, but they can probably take away your Chromebook perms if they find out. Check your district's Technology agreement just to be sure.

The only person who could potentially tell if you unenroll is the person in charge of the Google Admin console, but only if they specifically check your device. It will show as "offline" and nothing more, although they might get suspicious after a very long time.

If you play it safe and not stupid, you will probably be fine.

My USB only has 2GB. Can I still do this?

Yeah, it's pretty easy. All you need to do is to obtain three more USBs of the same size, and put them onto a crafting table.

Why does it say that my USB doesn't contain ChromeOS?

You probably downloaded the wrong board.

Or the exploit has been patched, which may happen in ChromeOS v112+.

The file download is slow. Can you give me a faster one?

Shim files average around 5GB, so no.


What does skid mean?

I can't re-enroll.


My chromebook is bricked.


How do I get WiFi passwords?

Use the netlog password extractor.

Where do I download a shim?

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The website is down!


It says I am using an unofficial image.

That's a recovery image, not a shim.

I can't build on Windows Subsystem for Linux.

WSL is not supported. Use a live environment, or even better, switch to Linux.

The shim is displaying a QR code and asking for an authorization code.

That is not something we put in. You are using a raw shim.

Why did I read all this?

No idea. You should probably go get a life.